Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Remember exercise?

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Back to Healthy Living! I believe exercise is the second most importing thing to living healthy. First in my opinion, is a healthy natural diet full of whole foods.

Remember this blog is about ALL ASPECTS of going natural and becoming more healthy.

I have been working more (thankfully), which means I need to exercise and stretch more. The benefits of my job (Registered Dental Hygienist), like many occupations I sit for most of the day and sometimes need to lean over which is taxing on your body. Sitting is not the benefit, being forced to exercise and stretch daily is the benefit as it is leading me to a healthier life.

So future hubby and I are back to exercising! What does that mean? I go to yoga for the best stretches I've ever had 4-5 days a week. We are training for a half-marathon in the spring, and I have been working on toning the rest of my body with an app I have on my iPad.

I have been practicing Moksha yoga in an indoor warm environment. Some days I just go for the warmth on my muscles. I know the running, yoga, and toning sounds like a lot, but its only an hour and a half out of my day and feels so great for my back!

Happy healthy living!

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